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Terms Of Service
Welcome to, you agree by using this service/system to follow all the rules and regulations laid out in this document or "Terms Of Service" aka TOS. You are also bound to any other document attributed to this document, a full list of these documents are contained in "Other Documents". If you do not agree to these rules or regulations you must leave the service with no further interaction.

All data, images/graphics, design/layout, code and text belong to Any use of this data requires express permission from the owners of You agree not to sell, copy, resell, or commercial exploit any part of the system including (but not limited to); graphic, text, sounds, documents such as the terms of service or other content.

Limitations of use
You agree not to use the system in any way other than it's intended use by the developers, staff and owners of the This includes;

(I)The use of cheats, exploits, hacks, scripts/bots or the use of unauthorized third part software.
(II)Modification of the system, including; files, data or communication.
(III)The use of third party software that collects information from the service.

You may not in any way disrupt or assist in the disruption of the system, the systems users, the systems services or it's dependants.

You may not use the system if for some reason it is against the law for you to do so, for example no user under the age of 13 is allowed to register under U.S law.

Rights to Alter
You agree to regularly check this document for updates while using the system. By using the system you agree to follow any rules laid out in this document which may be changed at any time, with out giving notification.

The system may be updated, changed or modified without notification.

Account Safety
Account safety is left in the hands of the user, you will not be refunded for loss of account due to user negligence such as, but not limited to;

(I)The use of third party software, such as other websites, scripts or applications.
(II)The sharing of account details, such as password and/or e-mail address.

You agree not to share your account details with any other user, doing so will risk the safety of your account. will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of the users account, details or money, will not refund/repair anything lost by the user.

Member Conduct
Users agree that all data, text, information, sound, images, video, messages and other content be it posted, uploaded or referenced are the sole responsibility of the user that generated said content. You agree that by using the service you maybe exposed to content that is offensive. are in no way liable or responsible for any content generated by users of the system.

While using the system you agree not to use the service for (but not limited to):

(I)The uploading, posting or making available of content that is harmful, abusive, unlawful, threatening or libellous. This includes content that may be seen as racially objectionable, hateful or content that could be seen as bullying.
(II)The harming of other users (including minors) in anyway.
(III)The posting of pornography images, text, videos, sounds or content.
(IV)Impersonating any other members or staff of
(V)The use of offensive language including; swearing, threats or abuse.
(VI)The harassment, including stalking, of other users.
(VII)Collection, storing and/or publishing of personal data about other users with out their express permission.
(VIII)Collection, storing and/or publishing of data about the system with out the express permission of the owners.
(IX)Any other reason than it's intended use, see "Limitations of Use"
(X)Interfering or disrupting services.
(XI)Advertising on the system with out the express permission of the owners.

Privacy collects information on you and your account with your permission, this information may be used by for various purpose, including the improvement of the system. Information collected such as your name may be seen by other system users.

Termination of Service / Right of Action reserves the right to terminate or withhold access to this service with out reason. Failure to follow the terms of service may result in us; withholding service, deleting of information, contact of authorities where appropriate (including that of police, federal authorities, government and/or government agency's) and legal action.

Staff Discretion
Staff have the right to enforce or withdraw service of the rules within this document, they also have the ability to create temporary rules which are enforceable for changing circumstances until the Terms of service can be updated. The interpretation of the rules, including this document, is left up to individual staff members.