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Newest Action Games
Shadow Snake 3
Dodge with agility black monsters and collect all the golden energy ball to activate the portal in the center of the screen. Earn points according to their performance at each stage and use them to improve certain characteristics of your character.
Death vs Monsters 2
Death vs Monstars 2 is a multi directional arena shooter, bullet hell game with a lot of new features and the solid gameplay of the original. 4 bosses, shields, bullet time, outfits, upgrades, beam weapons etc.
Psychic Arrow
Launch and steer an arrow to stop treasure-seeking pirates from looting your island in this fresh spin on the launcher-genre.
Assemble and upgrade your army of bears and prepare to fight to the death in this 2D battle arena game
Renegade Racing
Complete missions as you race through 18 adrenaline- packed stages, unlocking and upgrading 12 different vehicles along the way!
Storm Ops 3
Enemy troops are charging in and you must stop them from reaching you territory. Aim your bow and let the arrows fly. Defend you town by being the best archer in the land. Upgrade your village gate, your weapon and even build up your village so that you can survive the enemy attacks.
Cinema Panic
Become the cinemas number 1 employee by serving the customers there wanted orders as quickly as possible. Upgrade your equipment to become more efficient and earn more money
DuckLife 3: Evolution
The third instalment of DuckLife, a game in which you train a duck in hopes of making him a championship racer. Choose from four genetically modified ducks, each bred to excel in certain activities (running, swimming, climbing and flying). Increase your duck's skills by playing the training mini-games, collecting as many coins as you can. You can use your coins to buy food that will boost your duck's energy for races. As you win races, you will unlock new events and leagues.
Ducklife 2
Train your duck and compete in races in order to become the world champion.
Penguin Diner 2
Seat the hungry penguins and grant their requests promptly as you try to achieve your monetary goals. Buy upgrades to improve customer experience and earn better tips.
Protector - Reclaiming the Throne
Strategy game where you must recruit units and look after their development and destroy the enemy hordes!
Sun Hop
Using only spacebar, jump from island to island and ignite the suns in every level.
Fly Hard 2
After Druce builded the perfect rocket in Fly Hard another threat for Planet Earth arrived: the armada fleet of Planet X! Hopefully Druce Millis can sort things out before this invasion becomes troublesome.
Fly Hard
Help Druce willis to 'fly hard' and build the best rocket by collecting as many coins as you can in flight. Improve your rocket with buying upgrades and save the earth!
Kingdom Rush
Your kingdom is under attack! Defend it against wave after wave of goblins, orcs, trolls and other mystical creatures in this epic tower-defense game.
Feed Us 4 Xmas
Get ready for this icy version of our bloody series! This Expansion contains 10 new missions. The fourth game in the action series gives you even more flesh off the bone. A new plot with a new map, more dangerous obstacles to avoid, treasures to find, but most importantly; much more humans to devour!
Feed Us 4
A deadly new species of Piranha is out on the loose! That's right, the aggressive little fish is back to revive the bloody horror yet again! The fourth game in the action series gives you even more flesh off the bone. A new plot with a new map, more dangerous obstacles to avoid, treasures to find, but most importantly; much more humans to devour!
Feed Us 3
The big bad fish is back and hungrier than ever! Yes, the piranha is back with a bigger appetite. This action trilogy offers new challenging objectives, with several new obstacles. You now have to watch out for sea monsters, the great white shark and electrifying jelly fish! As an achievement you can also collect treasur chests, that will give extra time to attain your objectives. Plunge into this funny and addicting game and enjoy the bloody action.
Feed Us 2
The piranha is back and hungrier than ever! Complete various tasks, often at the expense of those peacefully enjoying the waterway...
Feed Us
Your mission in this hilarious bloody game is to play as a a killer piranha fish and eat everyone in your way. Jump out of the water and attack the humans as you consume blood and gain weight. Use blood consumed to create a piranha army, upgrade for bigger fins, better spine, stronger jaws and tougher scales.
Mutant Alien Assault
Aliens are attacking your ship. Get fuel rods to the reactor core to power a hyper-jump whilst fending off aliens in the process.

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