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Most Played Games
Potty Racers III
Jump your porta potty as far as possible as you earn money to upgrade it to go farther.
Sandwich Fever
Exit at night to raid the refrigerator is routine for this sneaky little mouse. Cut any food that appears on the screen to make a baloney sandwich, but stay tuned with the traps that can appear suddenly.
Penguin Diner 2
Seat the hungry penguins and grant their requests promptly as you try to achieve your monetary goals. Buy upgrades to improve customer experience and earn better tips.
Shop Empire
Build the biggest, most luxurious and extemely profitable shopping malls around the world. Deploy and upgrade boots, restrooms, elevators and restaurants to make your vistors spending lots and lots of money. Hire cleaners to keep it tidy, technicians for dealing with power failures and security against the shop lifters. This pixel quality game is fun for everyone!
Shadow Snake 3
Dodge with agility black monsters and collect all the golden energy ball to activate the portal in the center of the screen. Earn points according to their performance at each stage and use them to improve certain characteristics of your character.
Surplus Soldiers
Launch soldiers from your cannon to hit the treasure chest in each level.
Quest For Milk
A lively journey to find milk in a humorous world without milk! Quest for milk is a funny oldschool RPG with some remarkable characters and story plot.
Frantic 3
The third installment of the hectic vertical scrolling shooter, Frantic. Shoot your way through five areas that each contain three main stages, as well as three bonus stages. Collect coins and dodge bullets as you try to destroy the enemy ships and bosses in each stage. Use your coins to purchase weapons and accessories for your ship. Complete stages without taking any damage to unlock the bonus stages.
Papa's Burgeria
If a Pizzeria serves pizzas, then naturally a Burgeria would serve burgers. However, Papa's Burgeria will make any delicious hamburger or cheeseburger to order, and it just so happens his customer's are as picky as they come. In this frantic sequel to Papa's Pizzeria, you play as either Marty or Rita, cooking, building, and serving the craziest burgers in town. Work up the ranks and become a paddy flipping master.
Fancy Wizard
Create and control dummies to help the wizard reach each level's exit door
Crush the Castle Players Pack
The resistance is spreading and the King is most unhappy! Follow his orders and crush the resistance so that he can expand his territory.
Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys
Solve puzzles to find all 15 hidden monkeys in this spin-off of the hit Monkey Go Happy series.
Mutant Alien Assault
Aliens are attacking your ship. Get fuel rods to the reactor core to power a hyper-jump whilst fending off aliens in the process.
Break apart large groups of blocks into the required smaller formations in each level of this 3D puzzle.
Wizard Walls
Arcade defense game featuring original gameplay. Save sheep, cover the engineer and caravans, protect the balloon and keep vicious trolls and goblins away from your soldiers.
Traffic Trouble
More cars mean more traffic lights. But who is controlling those lights? Flip-n-Tale has made a funny traffic game that will put this trusty jobs into your hands. Control the traffic anyway you like, but remember, car drivers can be very impatient!
Snail Bob 3
Snail Bob is back, and this time he's stuck in Egypt! Help the snail return home by solving a series of perilous puzzles. Click on buttons to activate contraptions and eliminate obstacles in the snail's path, allowing him to move to the exit. Keep an eye out for stars, and click on them when you find them; there are three stars in every level.
Amigo Pancho 2: New York Party
Fly high with Amigo and his balloon-powered dreams! Help Amigo Pancho get to the top. Use your problem-solving skills to keep the evil aliens from popping his balloons and destroying his dreams! Click to remove wooden boxes and planks without letting the deadly spikes make contact with Pancho or his helium.
Choose Greece, Egypt or China and solve the puzzles by cutting the chains. If you get stuck, just try another civilization!
Electric Joint
Connect all the positive and negative charges in each level, ensuring that no connections overlap.
Fly Hard 2
After Druce builded the perfect rocket in Fly Hard another threat for Planet Earth arrived: the armada fleet of Planet X! Hopefully Druce Millis can sort things out before this invasion becomes troublesome.

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