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Popular Games
Fancy Wizard
Create and control dummies to help the wizard reach each level's exit door
Vehicles Level Pack
Stop the bad vehicles from causing mayhem by ramming them off the screen
This is the Only Level Too
Experience deja vu all over again in the sequel to This is the Only Level. Complete the same level over and over again by helping the forgetful elephant reach the tunnel.
This is the Only Level
In this game, you have to guide a confused little elephant to the exit several times to complete the one and only level. Sounds simple, right?
Crush The Castle 2
More medieval castle crushing fun!
Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack
Crush the Castle is back, with more user-submitted castles and an all-new undead mode! Choose from a variety of projectiles as you launch them at castles with your trebuchet. Your goal is to send your targets to their graves by either hitting them with a projectile or causing a structure to collapse on them. Try to kill all of your targets with as few shots as possible to earn a gold medal. You will unlock new projectiles as you complete levels and achievements.
Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys
Solve puzzles to find all 15 hidden monkeys in this spin-off of the hit Monkey Go Happy series.
Accurate Slapshot
Accurate Slapshot is a fusion of hockey and skills. Aim gently with your stick through the 24 challenging levels. The perfect slapshot doesnt always have to hard, sometimes its better with a smooth toss and sometimes power means everything. Avoid and take advantages of the obstacles, there is no right and wrong, as long as you manage to score. Best of luck remember, if it gets to difficult there is a walkthrough available, but you should make sure to give it a honest try first.
Dino Shift
Help Murphy the Dino collect gummy blocks in this fun puzzle platform game
Awesome Tanks
Upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction.
Tricky Rick
Help Rick to collect all the stolen fuel to refuel his spaceship and fly away from the planet. Use hammer, bombs, jetpack and other useful stuff to solve puzzles!
Flying Cookie Quest
Launch a panda into the distance to help it escape the rule of an evil biscuit head. Collect cookies, unlock upgrades, and launch the panda to freedom!
Shapik: The Quest
Shapik's sister has been kidnapped. Embark on a quest through a mystical forest to find her in this artistic point-and-click adventure.
Orbox C
Interesting space themed slider puzzle game with new elements.
Tasty Planet
Grow larger by engulfing objects smaller than you. Start smaller than a dirt particle and grow large enough to take over the Earth!
Evolve, Infect, Kill! Pandemic is a game where you get to evolve you own biological virus and wipe out mankind! Please read instructions on how to play the game! West Europe is completely able to be infected, its just hard. May be dangerous to play if you are epileptic. You get points based on number of newly infected people after a turn. For your first few turns you will not receive any points.
Zombogrinder 2: Revenge
Drive your way down a zombie-infested highway, dodging (or smashing through) abandoned vehicles, explosive barrels, and of course, zombies.
Defend Your Nuts
Play as a squirrel and defend your nuts from thieving skeleton pirates and other monsters.
Super Santa Kicker 3
Help Santa reach some hard-to-reach chimneys by using reindeers to kick him in.
Break apart large groups of blocks into the required smaller formations in each level of this 3D puzzle.
Feed Us 4 Xmas
Get ready for this icy version of our bloody series! This Expansion contains 10 new missions. The fourth game in the action series gives you even more flesh off the bone. A new plot with a new map, more dangerous obstacles to avoid, treasures to find, but most importantly; much more humans to devour!

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